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What is Physical Peak?
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Physical Peak is an in home personal training service where Elijah comes to your home, office or work place and trains you right there! He has all the equipment, exercises and nutritional knowledge you need to reach your fitness goals! Mobile personal training is way more convenient for you compare to leaving your home or environment to get your workout accomplished. Meaning if you have kids then you can still have your eyes on them while working out, and not have to leave them up to someone else's supervision or miss a workout because you don't have a baby sitter. Also if you have to cook a meal or any other activities around the house then immediately after your workout (since you're at home) you can do it, instead of having to shower, leave the gym and head home in traffic! No need for gym memberships that are overcrowded, and where you have no idea how to use the thousand pieces of equipment, or even have people starring at you or even talking to you while you're focusing on your workout. Elijah brings the workout to your home (he has all the necessary equipment) so that makes life more convenient for you and your family. *Physical Peak also has a private garage studio in Palatine as an option*

What Can You Expect?

With Physical Peak you can expect an individualized workout tailored towards your needs! Like a tailored made dress or suit that fits your body perfectly and moves and looks the way you want it to contour towards your body. My workouts are based upon YOU! First we will have a 30 to 45 minute consultation/evaluation over you and your goals, and this allows me to learn more about you and get a good gage of where you are fitness wise. It also gives me the chance to learn more about your goals, like what exactly you are trying to accomplish. From this information, I create workouts that are safe, and creative. Safe meaning, were not going to do something that your body is not capable of doing, this is very important as we have seen some workouts out there that a lot of people can't do because it's too much for the body. I make sure that the workouts we do are safe but still will get you to your goals. Secondly they will be always creative meaning we will never do the same thing twice, that's a huge benefit because a lot of people plateau when their bodies get use to an exercise and this is where a personal trainer is very vital. Creating workouts that differ everyday so that your body will constantly be challenged and worked to reach new goals and adapt to new and safe workouts. You can expect total body workouts, for maximum caloric burn as well as working on defining all areas of your figure. From these workouts and healthy eating habits, my clients, tend to lose weight, tone up, and feel better. You may start losing inches around the waist line and other areas. Also you should notice sleep improvement and more energy and focus throughout the day.

Lastly (from me) you can expect a friend and accountability partner, I'm not here for your money or just for you to reach your goals, but I am here to also be a friend. I will make sure to keep you accountable because I want my clients to reach their goals just as bad as they want to reach them!

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